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Our History

Founded by industry experts Tricia Eaton and John Brennan, E&B Auctions specializes in Modern Music and Pop Culture Autographs and Collectibles. Passionate about specialty item curation and authenticity, Tricia and John possess the perfect combination of knowledge in the auction process and firsthand collecting experience.


John begins collecting autographs in-person full-time in New York City.


John turns his hobby into a business when he begins selling autographs in Goldmine Magazine.


John is one of the first autograph sellers on eBay establishing himself as a trusted in-person autograph source.


Tricia begins working full-time at RR Auction, where she would study for nearly two decades, learning the auction world start-to-finish.


John forms his further developed autograph dealing enterprise, VIP Autographs, in New York City.


Tricia publishes her first signature study, a cover story for Autograph Magazine, considered the most in-depth analysis of Judy Garland’s handwriting.


Tricia & John meet at RR Auction and connect over a love of autographs as they work together to market John’s collection.


Together, Tricia & John establish Iconic Auctions Music Department, putting together six successful Modern Music sales over the next three years.


Tricia & John break ground on their first official dual project as they open their own auction house together: Eaton & Brennan Auctions.

Tricia learned the auction ropes from the ground up during nearly two decades at RR Auction and a further three years at Iconic Auctions. John is a legendary in-person autograph specialist, who began collecting full-time in the Spring of 1984, eventually turning his hobby into becoming an Autographer Dealer by trade—his countless candid photos with celebrities speak volumes of his unparalleled autograph lineage.

In 2018, Tricia & John met at RR Auction and bonded over their love of autographs as they worked closely to market John’s renown collection. By 2021, they were partnering together at Iconic Auctions launching their Music Department, where they would curate six successful Music Auctions over their tenure. In 2023, they officially launched their own venture, the aptly named Eaton & Brennan Auctions, in the hopes of providing the best auction experience possible and sharing their passion for collectibles with the world.

Meet the Team


Owner & Co-Founder / Music Specialist


Owner & Co-Founder / Acquisitions
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