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Led Zeppelin Autographs: My In-Person Experience

Led Zeppelin autographs have always occupied a premier spot in my collection. Zeppelin’s Physical Grafitti is still my go-to album. Bron-yur in particular is a timeless piece of music that makes me reflect every time I hear it: an endlessly hopeful instrumental. Led Zeppelin, to me, was always based on the larger-than-life guitarist Jimmy Page.

The first time I met Jimmy, I was in the Plaza Hotel and heard he was downstairs eating. The humongous hotel takes up half a block and I spent hours running around looking for him. Bursting full of chaos and excitement, to finally see Jimmy in person, I was so excited I could barely contain myself.

The rock icon was nice enough to stop and sign for me. Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page were definitely one of the reason I got into music and collecting autographs. In fact, lead singer Robert Plant was one of the first musicians I ever met for an autograph.

Getting my Led Zeppelin stuff signed was definitely one of the pinnacles of my existence as I was an avid collector and would by anything and everything I could get my hands on, continually mesmerized by their sound and aura of mystery, my interest—through to this day—has never wained.

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